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Bollywood and Hollywood, where comparisons are odious

Bollywood film scene

The Indian film industry is the most prolific in the world and is characterized by its elaborate choreography and a start very colorful scene. However, revenue at the box office Bollywood unfairly placed in the shadow of Hollywood.

How can a slumdog got hit all questions on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Jamal responds to the police and tells them why he knew the name of the famous Indian actor for which he asked the television presenter. There, in the police station, they tell a story of his childhood.

When he was just a child, Amitabh Bachchan visited the region where he lived.Jamal was excited as soon as he heard the clatter of helicopter blades movie star approaching the slum . He was determined to get his autograph, but a childhood friend locked him in a latrine and was forced to improvise a plan. He decided toflee through the septic tank and so covered with excrement, managed to appear before grand myth of Hindi cinema .

Bollywood and Hollywood, two industries success

Amitabh Bachchan is more than just a celebrity in India. As Mark Cousins said in hisdocumentary about the history of film in 2011, he is probably ” the most famous actor in the world “. He has appeared in more than 200 Indian films and Forbes magazine estimated his fortune staff of around 400 million dollars. However, Bachchan is an unknown for many Western viewers. This evidence misunderstanding and indifference of the West on the film industry in India .

An industry with own name

In Sholay , an Indian film 1975 released by Project Free TV, Singh Thakur hires two thieves (Dharamendra and Bachchan) to kill the bandit who massacred his family. It is the great role of Bachchan. This film just over three hours is one of the most influential in the history of Indian cinema . Precisely in the 70s, the Indian film surpassed Hollywood in number of productions and viewers. It then became the world’s largest film industry .

In 2012 there were more than 1600 Hindi films , almost four times more premieres in Hollywood (476), and 2.600 million tickets, nearly double its American equivalent (1,358,000) were sold. The numbers reflect the size and importance of an industry that is inaccurately identified as ” Bollywood “.

Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan

The term Bollywood was coined in the 70s -the dorada- time to identify the film in Hindi language that occurred in Bombay (Mumbai), India. Currently this name is used to wrongly call the whole movie made in China, forgetting that there are other film currents, among other differences, do not speak in Hindi. Kollywood and Tamil Cinema are other names industries alternatives to Bollywood .

The wordplay is not always well received because it undermines the independence and the importance of Indian cinema. In other words, it reduces the Hindi film to a mere parody of American. While there is a long tradition of plagiarism of Western movies, this industry employs thousands of people and is, as we have seen, the main producer in the world .

Movie tickets a few cents

However, the collection is very different in both cases. According to data published by  Statista , in 2014 the American film grossed 10.800 billion dollars while its equivalent Indian just generated 1,590 million dollars in fourth place in the top five behind Hollywood, Chinese film and Japanese . The highest grossing film this year was Chennai Express which earned a revenue of 65 million. In the United States, by contrast, the highest grossing got it ” Transformers: Age of Extinction ” with 1087.4 million.

The Bollywood movies have a duration of about three hours and are projected with a break in between. Dominated by romantic stories with high doses of drama , but there is also room for action and comedy, other genres highly demanded by the Indian public. In addition, dance and choreography are multitudinous an ingredient almost always present in such productions as well as the colorful atmosphere and beautiful scenery .


However, in recent years Bollywood has diversified thematic and has ignored to some extent of the musical numbers to conquer a new audience. The producers want to compete in the international arena and Indian cinema is penetrating withgreat success in Latin American countries such as Peru.

Bollywood seeks to diversify

An example of international product is My name is Khan , a film 2010 which lowers the typical Indian scenery to attract a new audience. In her act two of the biggest names in the industry: the veteran Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan, one of the latest celebrities of Indian film whose fortune is estimated that around 600 million dollars. By contrast, the wealthiest Hollywood actor is Tom Cruise with a net worth of 480 million dollars.

Mouline Rouge, Slumdog Millionaire, The Life of Pi, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel … are examples of how Indian cinema and West can converge successful at the box office. Statista estimated that Hindi cinema has about 3 million viewers in theUnited States, but the Spanish – speaking public still has much to discover in this industry.

A paradise called Mauritius

Its warm tropical climate and the coral reef that surrounds it , make this island an ideal and hard to forget all, it is a garden full of contrasts largely covered by the green of its sugar plantations. It is an island of origin volcano, located 800 km from Madagascar, 58 km from north to south and 47 km from east to west, densely populated (600 people per square km).

As state includes the Rodriguez Island just 560 km northeast. Its capital is Port-Louis, is located at the northwestern tip of the island and has 170,000 inhabitants. Other sites to visit are the Fort Adelaide, a walk along the harbor, Chinese pagoda opposite the racecourse, the Jummah Mosque, the Cathedral of Saint James and of course the market. Strolling down the middle, in means of roads cross tea plantations, one is believed to be lost somewhere in India.

When approaching the towns of Curepipe and Vacoas, someone might think it is to clean meadows on the outskirts of any British city. A little further to the west coast, African landscapes unfold. Moreover, lagoons and beaches of Mauritius villas are among the most beautiful in the world, and the island has developed a magnificent coral garden about 300 km square ideal for diving. The west coast is bounded by Port-Louis to Perebere south and north. It is the hottest, because it is sheltered from the trade winds southwest, especially in winter.There is Grand-Baie, the “Saint-Tropez” Mauritian, with its many Indian restaurants, Chinese, Creole or French, its elegant shops and stalls, bars and cafes open until late at night.

Following the coast, leaving Port-Louis ago, you are the famous beaches of Pointe-aux-Piments, Bala-nails, Montchoisy, Trou-aux-Biches and Perebere. to the west coastline stretches from Port-Louis to Morne Brabant. Throughout this part of the island, the sea and the mountains are permanently embrace the white sand beaches and outstanding greened, lost towns and large hotels. There you will find the longest beaches: Tamarin Wolmar and Flic en Flac ( 12 km). Rivière Noire is famous for making Mauritius the world’s number one offshore fishing. Around Le Morne, are splendid beaches and marine life is great wealth. Farther to the east, beaten by the sea and whipped by a strong wind, the coast contrasts with the tranquil beaches of other shores. The east coast is ideal for surfing in summer (June to September) when the sea and Southeast trade winds are more virulent.

This coast, with its changing relief, we reserve big surprises: you pass abruptly from rocky shores to beautiful stretches of beach and even impressive cliffs. To the south of Trou d’Eau Douce, the rugged coastline gives way to 11 km. beach which is a long strip of fine sand. Be sure to go to Deer Island (Ile aux Cerfs), real jewel located in the most beautiful lagoon in the world.Among the protected areas is the Gorges National Park Riviere Noire, in the southwest end of the island. Other reserves include Le Pouce, and Ronde islands, Serpente, and Bois Aigrettes.

How to quote roofing repair work

page_11BContractors are accustomed to offering dear or quote repairs of roofs that do not result in actual employment contracts: homeowners simply “were investigating” or they decided for a cheaper quote.

In the case of installation or repair of roofing work, this can entail hours of calculations, gone and returns to the potential places of work, and even upload and lower ceilings in which it is possible that you never work.

You can quote for roof repair work easily directly from the field, and even by phone or email, if the homeowner can provide many measurements and images.

Some complicated roofs can require to upload them and take measures accurate valleys, side walls, chimneys and attics, or inspect rot or damage and need academic performance of Matrix Roofing Melbourne, but the majority of roofing estimates can be made from from the field following these simple steps.

The House measure and calculate the slope of the roof

Draw a simple diagram of the ceiling, scoring and marking all changes of tilt, valleys, ridges and ridges, chimneys, ventilation pipes and other elements of penetration.

Then measured all exterior wall sections from corner to corner, adding all outgoing or ceiling mounting. Write down these measures in its corresponding place of the diagram.

Then, calculate the slope of the roof, which is typically defined in inches. Some clients know what is the slope of your roof and can give it, but determine it yourself is easy.

Unless there is a forward hanging too low, you should get on a ladder and work with a level of 1 or 2 feet. Place one end of the level on the roof and level it horizontally. Then, measure straight down from the end of the level in the air until the surface of the roof.

The measurement in inches is the slope of the roof, if you are using a level of 1 foot. With a level of 2 feet, divide the measurement between 2 to determine the slope (14 inches of the level to the roof with a 2 foot level equivalent to an inclination of 7 inch).

Note: “Pending” and “tilt” often incorrectly used as a synonym with reference to the ceilings.The slope is defined as a vertical lift (in inches) per foot of horizontal dimension.

Slope is the ratio (ratio) elevation and total length. For example, a ceiling that rises 6 inches for every 12 long referred to as “six twelve” or roof 6:12, with an inclination of ¼.

Calculate the size of the ceiling

With the dimensions of the roof and its slope, now you have to use a multiplier of inclination to calculate the size of the ceiling with accuracy. Use the “Conversion factors” table below to find appropriate for several outstanding roof multiplier.

The simple roofs of two waters such as those found in ranches and colonial houses are easy to calculate. Just take the dimensions of the floor, multiply long by wide (including projections) and multiply by the multiplier of the roof slope.

For example, a 24 x 48 ceiling House 6:12 is calculated as follows: 24 x 48 = 1,152 x 1.12 = 1,290.24, i.e. more than 1,290-square-foot roof.

For more complicated roofs with different sections, ridges and valleys, dormers and other details, it is best to break down the ceiling into sections and calculate them separately and then add them.

Do not subtract because of skylights, fireplaces, or other large items of penetration (unless you have a significant number of them). Any amount out of the total area in square feet is often counted as of waste material resulting from work around these elements.

Calculate the cost of materials

Another aspect to quoting roofing repair work the cost of materials. Take the total area in square feet, and divide it between 100 results in the total number of “pictures”. To partially account for the waste it is rounded to the next whole number.

Round only has to waste incurred when cutting around elements of penetration and at the end of a section.

Most applications and roofing materials have a waste of 5 per cent to 10 per cent factor, but on simple roofs can be as low as 2 percent or 3 percent, while in several valleys, dormers and side walls ceilings waste can climb to 15 percent or more.

Some materials, such as Cedar shingles and clay slabs, may have even greater waste factors. If you are not sure of how much waste add, consult your materials supplier or manufacturer.

In addition, don’t forget to post the material used on runways (total length of eaves) and covers (total length of sawhorses).

In addition to the final roofing material, you need to calculate how much material has the layer base (including necessary self-adhesive membranes in Ridge, valleys and other elements), edge for drip, ventilation in Trestles, flashing, vent boots, clips and any other necessary accessories.

This amount will vary depending on material and type used, as well as overlays and exhibition required. Required quantities usually appear clearly printed on the packaging of the material, but your supplier or manufacturer can help you to estimate accurately based on the dimensions of the ceiling.

An accurate, cost-effective prices estimated to reach

To know the total amount of materials and accessories, you can create a pretty precise estimate, but to tune the number and ensure that you as the customer are both happy to finish the job, you can search for other factors.

  • Remove a second layer of roof can add $50 to $100 more per picture
  • By partial or complete replacement of blades adds $80 to $100 per box
  • With several valleys or dormer roofs may give rise to specific charges, as the case
  • The roofs with several different sections often require additional charges of $100 or more per square.

Find everything that can add time and expense to its work, as flashing skylights (which are often reused, but may be damaged) replace or repair damage from the previous failure of the roofing, and include it in your estimate.

Wild dogs of the India are removed from the street and trained to be guard dogs

Stray dogs that roam the city of Delhi (India) are being assisted to leave malvivir in the street and receive a dog arthritis treatment all natural to be watchdogs. It is a plan carried out by the ‘New Delhi Municipal Council’ in which the police dog trainers are responsible for preparing these stray dogs that roam the streets.

Accompanying in the houses as guard dogs and helping to have more security on the streets of the India.“If these dogs are wandering the streets, sure that they could do a good job”. “Our plan is to take these stray dogs and train them as guard dogs,” said Jalaj Shrivastava.


Civic team has formed working committees to cooperate with the “Animal Welfare Board” and keep the number of stray dogs under control by performing sterilization programs, after receiving numerous complaints about incidents of stray dog bites.

“This initiative is intended to address two issues: remove stray dogs from the streets to combat the threat of dogs and make the city safer for residents”, said Shrivastava.

So far, 40 dogs have been used to monitor homes. This is going to be increasing as part of a “dress rehearsal” in the week prior to the day of independence. In total they have already prepared to 700 people.


“The guardians appear by the Khan and Connaught Place market. They will not only provide assistance, but will also ensure that everything is under control”.

Also looking the way to give authority to people who accompany the wild dogs to be able to fine people who throw garbage or spit.

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Have an Innovative Idea in Data, Irrigation, and/or Farming? Rockefeller Wants to Hear It

The Rockefeller Foundation has launched the 2012 Innovation Challenges to source innovative ideas that will have the potential to create long-term impact. The Innovation Challenges, which run through May 25, expect to gather ideas from around the globe in three issue areas: data, irrigation, and farming. As The Rockefeller Foundation marks its centennial, the search has begun [...]

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Craftsvilla is Etsy for India, but only better

The Indian handicrafts sector provides livelihoods to millions of people around the country, especially women. However, linking small-scale rural producers to urban and global markets has been a challenge. Efficiently connecting buyers and seller in the handicrafts and handmade clothing market could have an exponential impact by improving the incomes of the poor and help [...]

Aamir Khan the Social Entrepreneur

Aamir Khan’s new TV show, Satyamev Jayate debuted this morning. The show adopts a talk-show like format (think Oprah), but focuses solely on social change issues. The opening hour-long episode was dedicated to building awareness on of female foetecide in India, whereby female foetuses are selectively aborted after pre-natal sex determination, thus avoiding the birth of [...]

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MentorEdge May 2012 events in Bangalore and Chennai

MentorEdge, the initiative of Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE, IIM Ahmedabad) will be organizing a Mentor Rendezvous in the city of Bangalore on the 12th of May, 2012 and in Chennai on the 19th of May. Mentor Rendezvous is meant to be first hand interactions where we introduce the Mentor and the Mentee [...]

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MentorEdge at CIIE, IIM Ahmedabad offers support to aspiring entrepreneurs

MentorEdge is a nationwide mentoring program to provide hand-holding, mentoring and networking support to aspiring entrepreneurs and startups. MentorEdge was born out of the need to cater to the needs of a larger ecosystem, and to create a support structure for enterprises which were not being incubated at CIIE. The network is spread across 8 [...]

TC-I News Update for 2012-04-30

Android Phones in India to Get Free 3G Courtesy Google and Reliance #

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If you missed the road less travelled, here is your chance to correct it

If your desire to make a difference to the world was somehow lost in your search for a stable career, here is your chance to rediscover it. As a Villgro Fellow, you will work with a social enterprise for 1 year, applying your skills to create real impact in Rural India. In charting a better [...]

TC-I News Update for 2012-04-25

India's Unique Identity (UID) Reaching Underprivileged Households That Have No … #

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Call for Entries for the “Social Entrepreneur of the Year” India 2012 Awards

Jubilant Bhartia Foundation and Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship are pleased to invite entries for the prestigious ‘Social Entrepreneur of The Year’ Award 2012 for India. Social entrepreneurs working to create large-scale systemic change through innovative approaches are invited to log in at to apply for the awards before May 30, 2012. Applicants can also download the [...]

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Call for Entries for the “Social Entrepreneur of the Year” India 2012 Awards

Jubilant Bhartia Foundation and Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship are pleased to invite entries for the prestigious ‘Social Entrepreneur of The Year’ Award 2012 for India. Social entrepreneurs working to create large-scale systemic change through innovative approaches are invited to log in at to apply for the awards before May 30, 2012. Applicants can also download the [...]