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BabaJob.com Job Opportunity

Babajob.com wants to find an amazing person that:

* Has 4-8 years professional web coding experience, specially building great consumer experiences
* Has worked in product companies, start-ups or created some amazing and popular sites on your own.
* Is thrilled at the chance to work in a startup environment and take-on a senior leadership role inside our organization
* Is incredibly smart, creative and excited about the potential for software to change the world
* Is great at ASP.NET and MS SQL (given we are a bunch of ex-Microsoft folks)
* Loves coding and helping others code better.
* Breathes and experiments with modern web/mobile standards – e.g. the FB API, JSON, VXML, Objective C, OpenSocial, REST, etc.

Compensation: 6-12lk / yr and stock options – depending on how rad you are. :-)

About Babajob.com
Babajob is a unique social networking and job startup with the goal of enabling all people – importantly including those who work in the informal sector – to find better jobs and connect together in new meaningful ways. Our ambitions are grand – to make the worldwide informal job market efficient by connecting the poor with better job opportunities via the mobile.

We are looking to grow our development team with truly stellar talent, who believe in the transformative power of software on society and are incredibly passionate about their work. We currently are a small team of 12 people and given our small size, we place incredible importance on every person we bring into the organization. You will definitely be called upon to do many things we cannot predict now and will likely need to wear many hats as we grow our organization.

All candidates must be self-starters with exceptional intelligence and the ability to work independently and creatively.

From a technical standpoint, we are a web 2.0 style company and are looking for developers who excel in these technologies. We need people who know how to structure and manage 50,000 lines of Jscript and how those client side scripts securely connect to our AJAX services and those of others such as google maps, SMS, voice, payment and ad serving services. We need people who can build scalable web server farms, with front-end web servers speaking reliably to backend SQL databases. We need developers and designers who love creating truly eye-popping and elegantly usable user interfaces in CSS and HTML.

If you are interested, please respond to this ad or mail ([email protected]) and include:
* your resume/CV
* links or code samples of previous work
* why you would like to join our firm

All candidates must be available to work full-time from our Bangalore office. Freshers are NOT encouraged to apply.

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