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Khemka Forum Series: Arun Maira on Innovation

In the lead up to the Khemka Forum on Social Entrepreneurship, ThinkChange India will run a series of podcasts/interviews from Indian leaders of social innovation.  This is the third post of the series.

Shivraj Parshad of the PRactice interviewed Mr. Arun Maira, member of India’s Planning Commission.   This week’s Khemka Forum on Social Entrepreneurship brings all stakeholders to the table, including government.   Please listen to the audio links below to hear more from Mr. Maira.  An excerpt:

“We need to have a million jugaads if you can put it in that term- means solutions have to be found that are really fit for the situation and in more situations there are constraints – of resources, and so solutions must fit constrained resources-which one generally calls jugaad.

We need a million jugaads, everywhere there has to be an appropriate solution. What we have to do is enable these jugaads (I am going to use the word Jugaad) to happen quickly, happen more widespread so that benefits of innovation or jugaad are happening all over…..”

Listen here: Interview with Arun Maira Track 01 and Interview with Arun Maira Track 02