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Recap of AIF’s Banquet for Apna Clinic

We had featured American India Foundation New York Young Professionals Chapter’s annual benefit in the past. Here is a recap from AIF itself of the event.

For the 2008-2009 fiscal year, our second since forming in summer 2007, the New York…

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American India Foundation Annual Benefit

Here is an upcoming event in NYC for AIF. Their annual benefit looks to be a good one this year. Details below. You can go here to buy tickets.

A Toast to Good Health
480 Lexington Avenue (at 46th Street), New York…

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[TC-I Changemaker]: NComputing makes $70 PC for the Poor

The ThinkChange India staff is committed to providing our readers with interviews with people we believe are at the brink of something special but have for the most part been overlooked by the mainstream media. Readers will be able to…

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Examining Organic Farming in India

In a series of articles on, Mira Kamdar (of the World Policy Institute and author of Planet India) discusses the challenges and outlook for organic farming in India based on her visit to Punjab farms.  After an introduction to her visit and…

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TED | Talks | Hector Ruiz: The power to connect the world (video)

AMD, the only real competitor to Intel’s effective monopoly on microprocessors, has established an ambitious initiative to provide internet access to 50% of the world by 2015. Here is the video of Hector Ruiz, AMD’s CEO, on the project titled…

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[TC-I Changemakers]: Interview with the founders of

Editor’s note: The following interview is part of an ongoing series for ThinkChange India where we interview social entrepreneurs firsthand. The ThinkChange India staff is committed to providing our readers with interviews with people we believe are at the brink…

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Kavita Ramdas speaks on women’s rights

Kavita Ramdas, the current President and CEO of the Global Fund for Women sat down with Britt Bravo of Have Fun Do Good, to speak on women’s rights across the globe.

“I think there are many different ways in which you define…

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Op-Ed: Microfinance revisited and its role in reaching the missing middle

Two weeks ago I wrote about James Surowiecki’s article in the New Yorker that brought forward the inherent limitations of microfinance to actually generate a substantial number of jobs in a developing country. Since then it seems as if I was not…

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Our blog lies on the presumption that the social circumstances facing India are unique in nature, and thus the approaches that will…