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The growth of the eco-enterprise ecosystem

The Financial Express places a spotlight on eco-enterprises in India, bringing attention to the growth of organizations that address enviornmental issues and crediting their success to “supportive government policies, maturing clean technologies and growing investor appetite.”   The article mentions several enterprises,…

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Classes in boxes

matt1_DSCN4804Sudhar Krishnamachary is a TC-I education correspondent.

Mia, a middle school student at Aditi private school in Bangalore, bubbles with enthusiasm, pausing to find the right words, “There is so much interaction with the teachers and so much group work that…

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Tech Winners Starting Small, Scaling Up

Remember the Tech Museum Awards? The award “honors innovators from around the world who are applying technology to benefit humanity.” The 25 winners were announced yesterday, with two innovators from India. covered the ceremony in San Jose, California and met…

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Digital Green: ICT and a Participatory Framework

SciDev.Net brings attention to Digital Green, a project that uses digital video to disseminate information to small and marginal farmers in India. Recently, Digital Green won the culture category in the Stockholm Challenge Awards. According to its website, the project originated…