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SureStart: Giving birth to a new way of life

78,000 mothers die giving birth in the country every year, and a million babies die within their first month of life.

Many of these deaths can be prevented with the most basic of care and precautions,…

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PATH looking for Manager in New Delhi

PATH is looking for a Manager for its Safe Water Project. Attached is the flyer with details on the job description. Here is a short description of the Project itself:


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Op-Ed: CSR and the Nazis

Here is a piece that I wrote for my school paper. While it is not focused on India specifically, I believe that the topic is relevant to every country.

Profits or Profiteering?: Why Companies Are Responsible

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Fueling sanitation with excreta!

Sanitation hasn’t probably got as much a face-lift earlier as it has seeming got with Sulabh International Social Service Organization. Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak, the founder, won Stockholm Water Prize 2009 for his innovation in sanitation.…

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Sanitation innovator wins Stockholm Water Prize

Sulabh‘s founder, Dr Bindeshwar Pathak, was recently named the 2009 Stockholm Water Prize Laureate.  Sulabh has been working for decades to address sanitation, health, and hygiene in India and other countries.  Through inventive toilet designs, new biogas…

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[TC-I Changemakers]: Echoing Green’s Cheryl Dorsey

Editors’ note: The ThinkChange India staff is committed to providing our readers with first-hand insights from groundbreaking changemakers. Readers will be able to see other conversations under our TC-I Changemakers tab.


Cheryl Dorsey is the

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Books for the village – Granthayan

[Story Source: Livemint]

While browsing through a blog, The Better India, I came across this Livemint report about a bookstore on wheels. Started by Pankaj Kurulkar, the project has been kicked off in Maharashtra.…

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Back to the drawing board? — A harsh look at microfinance

To start, I want to say that my mind has been racing despite sleep deprivation and jet lag since I touched down in Mumbai at 0135 IST this morning. This is the first I have set foot in India

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Intl. Conf. on Social Entrepreneurship in India – Day 1

I had the opportunity to attend the International Conference on Social Entrepreneurship in India on the 4th and 5th of December. In this post I will try to narrate my experience at the conference. In the posts following…

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[TC-I Call to Action]: Rural Innovations Network Fellowship

L-RAMP‘s blog announces the Rural Innovation Network‘s fellowship program, an exciting new hands-on opportunity to hone social entrepreneurship skills. Vinay previously blogged about RIN, an NGO that assists rural entrepreneurs to bring their product to market.…