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Khemka Forum Series: Professor Gregory Dees on scale

In the lead up to the Khemka Forum on Social Entrepreneurship, ThinkChange India will run a series of podcasts/interviews from Indian leaders of social innovation.  This is the second post of the series.

I had the opportunity to speak with Professor Gregory…

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[Internship Opportunity]: Indicorps, January 2009

Wondering what you should do this upcoming January 2009? Consider Indicorps’ 4-6 month internships, starting January 2009:

Start the new year with a meaningful commitment to yourself and the world in which you live. Apply NOW for a 4-6 month structured…

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Kavita Ramdas speaks on women’s rights

Kavita Ramdas, the current President and CEO of the Global Fund for Women sat down with Britt Bravo of Have Fun Do Good, to speak on women’s rights across the globe.

“I think there are many different ways in which you define…

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Kal Raman aims to reshape education with GlobalScholar.com

Utilizing the power of internet technology, GlobalScholar.com is an online platform for teachers, students, administrators and other education professionals to develop, disseminate and review curriculum. The company goes one step beyond that to figure out ways to implement such curriculum…

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Podcast: Security in a Changing World — Multilateral Institutions in the 21st Century

Here is a talk conducted by the NYU’s Center for Global Affairs, Master’s in Global Public Health Program and Wagner’s Office for International Programs. It is part of the Conflict, Security and Development Series.

[audio http://wagner.nyu.edu/podcasts/international/oct_25_2007_UN.mp3]