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Full-Time Volunteer Needed for Manzil

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A full-time volunteer for Manzil, a youth empowerment and learning center in Khan Market, New Delhi


Minimum of a six-month commitment. Prefer one year or longer.

Start Date:

The start date is flexible, but we would prefer the volunteer to start in…

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Fueling sanitation with excreta!

Sanitation hasn’t probably got as much a face-lift earlier as it has seeming got with Sulabh International Social Service Organization. Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak, the founder, won Stockholm Water Prize 2009 for his innovation in sanitation. He has designed a “flush compost…

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Paid for Waste

In the town of Musiri, located in Tamil Nadu, the government has decided to compensate residents for using a new public toilet. The novelty of this effort does not stop there, as both the urine and feces of the people…

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Sanitation on Wheels – All Aboard!

Earlier this month, I attended the inaugural ceremony of the “Nandini Mobile Van” at the Safai Vidyalaya (Environmental Sanitation Institute (ESI)), Sughad, an organization which is considered a pioneer in the sanitation sector, largely due to the principled and passionate…

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TC-I Tidbits

  • Education’s Woes and Pros: A new study conducted by UNESCO reveals that less than 30% of schools have access to electricity and only half of them have toilets for girls. In order to address such woeful capacity, the Rajasthan’s state…

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Midday Newsfeed

Weekend headlines for your leisurely perusal:

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Of Toilets and Schools

According to international NGO WaterAid, India has the second worst sanitation access in the world, accounting for 43% of the world’s unserved sanitation population.  Moreover, as per a UNICEF country survey from 2004, rural areas of India are particularly lacking in sanitation infrastructure, with…

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A social entrepreneur for all time

Today I’d like to introduce you to one of my heroes, Baba Amte. He died a few weeks ago on February 8th at the opus of his life, Anandavan. I was fortunate to visit him several times during my work…