8 Innovations And Trends In Online Gambling Industry

The age of digitization has reached the remotest villages and most far reaching places in the world right now. Each and every sector including finance, defence, marketing, automation, visual media and countless other industries have been digitising themselves, future proofing their equipment with the latest technologies. This has reached the gambling industry as well. Online gambling has doubled in demand during the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown period, and it has been increasing in popularity ever since. Here are a few innovations in the gambling market that casinos have implemented to attract more people.

Live Dealers

One of the most appealing things about gambling is the social aspect of betting against other people or against the house. It is done by dealers at brick and mortar casinos. To make the experience similar, online casinos are now using live dealers who deal the cards when the next round is up, or the like. The main advantage of this is that people do not have to feel like they are left out, or feel like they are playing alone. 

Mobile Gaming

Smartphones have become quite powerful now. Each year, smartphones are becoming more and more potent of being run as a computer. Therefore, it is only natural that online casinos would move towards the smartphone market because almost everyone has a pretty powerful smartphone with them, and it is almost always in their hands. So, mobile gaming is a very profitable business for them, and a pretty convenient method for the people playing.


Even though land based brick and mortar casinos are against it, offshore casinos often allow paying in Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a decentralized, third party free cryptocurrency that holds high value today. Since it is decentralized, Bitcoin cannot be traced back to the payer. This makes spending in Bitcoin very convenient and safe, and hence more and more people are using Bitcoin to pay at online casinos.

VR Technology

VR Technology

Virtual Reality is still at a very early stage of acceptance and implementation, mostly because it is expensive. However, this does not mean that it is not gaining ground in the gambling industry. VR technology is already being implemented in online casinos to give a virtual tour of the casino while playing games that have been designed to be played in VR. SlotsMillion and NetEnt are among the most famous gambling sites that have created VR.

5G Technology

5G technology is here, and it is fast. It has an average speed of about one gigabit per second. It is much faster than the current 4G technology (about 30 percent faster) and can prove to be quite effective. This is because 5G, coupled with VR, can give quite the smooth experience.

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