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Google helps build the online presence of women entrepreneurs in India
By SHITAL SHAH | Published: FEBRUARY 2, 2012
Outside of the nonprofit world, finding women-owned businesses online is not very common – but are a small and growing circle. Google recently launched a program aimed at giving these women entrepreneurs the tools to increase their online presence, called Women Entrepreneurs on the Web. The program will allow participants to “learn to build their online presence, collaborate effectively, connect with their customers, promote their organization, and track and optimize their efforts.” The program is free for participants and involves training on a variety of web-based tools.

In a world where more customers are searching for businesses, products, and services online, building a presence on the Internet is almost a must – at the same time, not all entrepreneurs are tech-savvy and have enough experience to take advantage of such tools. This initiative is also a creative move by Google, who will train the women entrepreneurs on how to use all the Google products and services, and essentially capture a growing market of business users.

For all women entrepreneurs in India who are interested, sign up for WeOW here.

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