Casinos Innovation

How Do Casinos Innovate And Offer New Gambling Experiences?

Casinos are always looking for ways to attract as many people as possible to the gambling industry as possible and this has led to major changes in the market. There has been a lot of innovation in the global gambling market, and it is actually a surprise that the casino industry had not put more effort into this sooner. However, they have been increasingly putting together new innovations to attract the younger generation to gambling. Listed below are a few of them.

The Online Casino Experience

Online casinos have been up and about for over 25 years, and since then it has seen only improvement in the number of players as well as the income. Long gone are the days when online casino gambling was an extremely niche market; today it makes up about 30 percent of the average global gambling revenue. With the increasing use of smartphones for gambling, people have everything conveniently at their fingertips.


VR and AR Technology

No discussion on online gambling is complete without discussing the immense potential in virtual and augmented reality. Virtual reality and augmented reality are two technologies that can be used to create a unique playing experience by going to the casino virtually: you would still be at home, but the VR glasses that you buy can essentially enhance your experience like no other.

Facial Recognition

Why would facial recognition be of such significance? It is because of casino crimes. For the longest time, casino fraud and crime have been the source of inspiration for a lot of movies and pop culture references. However, it is not all heroic when the money the fraudster steals is from you. To make sure that your money is safe, casinos are now employing facial recognition to keep track of who enters the casino and at what time. This makes sure that people do not try to steal from the casino because everyone at the casino has their face registered in the casino’s log.



Predictive Analysis and Data Modelling

This may seem mundane to the player, but to the casino it is worth a million dollars. Analysis of each player’s playing patterns can give an insight into who the person really is, how they think, what their interests are, what they are good at, how good they are at each game etc. This is very helpful for the casino, because it helps to identify what games can beat the player and what kind of odds he would play for.



Bitcoin is one of the most famous cryptocurrencies out there. It is increasingly becoming popular in the gambling segment because it is decentralized and therefore cannot be traced back to the payer. This makes it incredibly safe for the person who is paying, because for fraud to occur, the fraudster needs to know what transaction is taking place. With cryptocurrency, fraudsters are virtually blind.

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