Technological Innovations

How have Technological Innovations Shaped the Online Casino Industry?

With the help of technology, the online casino is growing and emerging into a whole new concept altogether. From its initial stages onwards, the online casino has changed drastically with the help of technology, and ever since then, the change has bought specialty and uniqueness how online casino is working. There are a lot of benefits one get from integrating or playing from an online casino, and we will discuss some of the latest innovations in the following post. Without any further ado, let us hit the post and find out.

Online Progressive Slots

The first and the foremost on the list is Online Progressive Slots. Online casinos were introduced in the year 1994 and ever since then, the IGT, international gaming technology, initiated the launching of the first-ever progressive slot machine which saw a rise across the world. The first and the foremost progressive slots were none other than the Cash Splash. This slot games had three reels and have one pay line. This also initiated Jackpot, and the love for this only increased. The online slot developers started making the best reels and jackpots for the slot lovers. Few of the best progressive games found at present are; Shopping Spree, Jackpot King, and Aztec’s Millions.

Instant Play Casinos

The second innovation is the emerging of Instant Play Casinos. When the online casino was introduced, people had to sit and download the version they desire to play. It may take a few minutes to hours before actually starting to play. However, with the help of integrating technologies, this is no longer an issue. You had to download the software then download the game you wish to play. It was a tedious task. With the help of instant casinos, you only have to sit back and enjoy the instant games that are provided to you. They are not at all time consuming and are very convenient to play.

Live Dealer Casinos

This is something everyone looks forward to when they think of online casinos. This authentic experience is what every gambler was waiting, and the result what they got was immense and pleasure evoking. VR, AR, and MR are some of the categories live dealing games are taking up and giving the best for the customers. The gamblers who have found pleasure playing land-based casinos and need something of the same to sort things out; you might love playing live dealer casinos.

Live Dealer Casinos


This is another innovation the technology has given us. Bitcoin is a form of payment where you pay the amount in the form of cryptocurrency. Since there is no third party involved, the bitcoin is the safest and the most prized possession or asset any gambler would wish for.

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