Smartphones In Casino

How Smartphones Are Changing The Online Gambling Industry

A future without the mention of smartphones, especially in a sector as prolific and consumer rich as gambling. Smartphones have invaded almost every market, connecting any device to any other with a simple mobile phone application. So it is no surprise that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of mobile applications for gambling that are easy to use and maneuver. Here are some of the ways smartphones are changing the market.

Mobile Applications

Even before the global pandemic in 2020, the online gambling market was already seeing major changes. Apart from the larger number of players and greater income, the number of players on smartphones had a significant increase; especially in the last 5 years. Mobile applications have also started implementing live dealerships to  nhance the player experience. Now, people can deal live with the house rather than be dealt cards by a computer generated program.

Faster Mobile Phone Connectivity

Smartphones are currently going through a revolution in the internet speed segment. 4G connectivity was already pretty fast, but it gets even faster with 5G connectivity, clocking in at speeds of one gigabit per second. That sort of speed can help not just with live dealing of cards, but also with payment procedures. Faster the payment procedures, lesser will be the time for a hacker to hack into the account of a player. So in hindsight, it helps the players pretty well.


The Era Of Change

Land based brick and mortar casinos have incurred some massive losses because of the global Covid-19 pandemic. This has made casinos double down on their online counterpart quite heavily; and brought about major changes there as well.  One of the biggest changes is the smartphone gambling market. Long gone are the days when smartphones were used just for calls, messages and Whatsapp: what you have right now is a compact personal computer in your phone nowadays. A large percentage of gamblers have moved towards the mobile alternative. In some countries, this percentage has risen well beyond 100 percent. Due to the pandemic, people are being forced to wear face masks, maintain social distancing and abide by the rules of the country. To stay safe and avoid all the restrictions, a lot of people are opting for mobile gambling.

The Era Of Change

The Downside

Smartphone apps are much faster than their website counterparts when it comes to efficiency, speed and payment ease. However there is a downside to using smartphones for gambling. A lot of casino gamling apps are not cross platform applications. Some apps work on Android, while it might not be available for Apple OS. This works vice versa as well. This is why a lot of people are still reluctant to gamble online; for people may change smartphones, but not necessarily their idea of fun.

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