The 8 Top Poker Innovations Of All Time

Anyone who has played poker will agree that it is a pretty straightforward game. You have to learn how to play, and develop those skills. You may either get a lot of money from it; or lose it all. However, looking back on the game, poker has gone through some major innovations over the years and has come a long way. There are several different games involving poker, and they will keep evolving over time with the creativity of the operators. A few of these innovations are listed below.

Online Poker Training

Online poker games have both advantages and disadvantages. The biggest advantage of online poker games, however, is the availability of poker training websites. These are computer generated poker games where beginners can learn how to play the game and old timers can brush up their skills before going for real life gambling. Not just that, signing up on a poker training website can bring you close to other famous poker players. For example, if you are playing on Paul Phua Poker website, if you are extremely good and are doing quite well on the website, you might get to play with Paul Phua himself; and possibly even get to see his playbooks. Practical experience in the game trumps reading about it anytime.

Rush Poker

Tracking Software

This is one of those things that makes people second guess their decision to play poker online. What it essentially does is helps your opponent monitor your games as a third party viewer and learn how you play, so that they can use your own strategy against you. However, this may be a disadvantage to the player, but an advantage to the opponent; and so it works both ways. This therefore, companies argue, is a necessary feature to create competition and help players improve themselves over time.


Rush Poker

This intriguing new format of the game developed by FullTint changed the poker scene drastically. Poker as a game became much faster than it initially was because of a new feature called ‘Quick Fold’. This feature made the game faster by letting the players move on and play more hands in the game. Rush poker also changed the mechanics of the game to account for the increased speed. A sense of adrenaline rush and an element of surprise are accompanied by this game and this makes the game all the more exciting to play.


This is something that is available in online casinos, but it benefits poker players the most. The concept of rakeback was introduced to account for the amount of time a person plays on the website. A small percentage is paid back to the gambler, and for a person who gambles 12 tables for at least 40 hrs can get a really good rakeback amount.

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