Roulette Wheel

The Roulette Wheel Secrets Casinos Don’t Want You To Know.

Casino games are mainly divided into two distinct categories:

  • Games based on luck
  • Games based on skill

Roulette falls under the category of games that are based on luck. This means there is no prior experience required to master the game or even win a certain amount of money.

However, there exists a common misconception that the spins of the roulette wheel are highly unpredictable. If you’re one of them who believe in this misconception, then think again. There is no such thing as purely luck-based in a casino.

Let’s start by understanding the secrets hidden by the casino that tricks the customers into thinking these games are purely based on luck.

Roulette wheel design

It is a highly intimidating task to design a roulette wheel based only on random spins with reasonable accuracy. The only way to achieve this task at it is by not using physics to deal with the roulette wheels. Even when the wheel is in a stationary motion, and the balls do not touch the rotors, there still exits some predictability in is spins.

house edge.

The house edge of this game is only 2.7%, hence the player needs the slightest hint of accuracy to overcome this tiny bit of house edge.

The defects in manufacturing

There is nothing as a perfect roulette wheel. Every wheel is designed in a way that is subjected to some manufacturing defects or errors. Hence, this means that the coins are not entirely random, but are a victim to the shortcomings of sciences. To test this, you have to take two completely different roulette wheels and balls. Spin both at the same time, and you can find that the outcomes are entirely different.

Hence, the claim of casinos about the randomness of the game and every spin is a mere lie.

Lazy staff around the roulette wheel

Most of the casino staff are trained to perform their duty, but not about the depths of the game they’re monitoring. However, in contrast to this, most of the well-equipped modern casinos have an idea about the game they’re presenting to their customers. This also means they’re aware of the predictable spins of the wheels and also the strategies that go behind winning jackpots.


However, this data can be analyzed only after weeks of spins and through analysis and statistics of the roulette wheels. A professional roulette player can easily spot the bias in the wheels, even before the casinos can point them out. These techniques are mainly explained to the customers and the staff that work for the game, on their official casino page. However, the customers or the players also ought to bear in mind that these are just short tricks and are not considered as a sure-shot way of winning the roulette money.

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