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[TC-I Call to Action]: Indicorps Young Professional Initiative

Indicorps, known for its one-year fellowship program, is now launching a new Young Professional Initiative program that allows young Indian professionals to apply their time and skills to a short-term project.  The five-month program includes a one-week orientation, a mid-term workshop, an immersion component, and regular reflections.  If you are ready to get your feet wet with a challenging service project in a way that will also advance you professionally, be sure to apply for the Young Professional Initiative:

Get out of the cube (even if only for a few months) . . . And help change India!

Indicorps invites YOU, a young Indian professional, to commit your time and skills to India!  Young Professionals Initiative (YPI), a new sabbatical program at Indicorps, allows you to meaningfully bring your knowledge and talents to your land of heritage.  This pilot program of YPI gives you an opportunity to participate in short-term, goal-oriented service projects that can have an enormous impact.

The projects include:

  • Legal: Amend Gujarat court processes to reduce sizeable backlog of cases
  • Finance: Assist a socially responsible start-up to create robust franchise systems and strong local entrepreneurs
  • Information Technology: Integrate information systems for bottom of the pyramid start-up business
  • Marketing: Capture stories to generate interest in Ahmedabad’s unique 600-year heritage
  • Environmental Planning: Reinvigorate urban environmental policies for walled-city of Ahmedabad
  • Education: Formulate innovative public-private partnerships to increase the adult literacy rate
  • Education Policy: Strategize comprehensive action plan for statewide vocational programs

    YPI hopes to empower young professionals to understand that their potential extends beyond ‘traditional’ jobs.  As with all Indicorps programs, YPI Associates will be constantly challenged and encourage to explore their roles as changemakers.

    The program begins with a week-long orientation and includes a mid-point and close-out workshop to track progress and share experiences.  Successful candidates for YPI will have at least three years of work experience in a capacity relevant to their applicable project.

    YPI Term: 1 July to 1 December 2009

    For more information and to apply, please visit us online at:  www.indicorps.org/ypi.  Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis (preference will be given to applications before 1 May 2009) until the start date.

    Please contact us at [email protected] with any questions.

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