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How have Technological Innovations Shaped the Online Casino Industry?

Technological Innovations

With the help of technology, the online casino is growing and emerging into a whole new concept altogether. From its initial stages onwards, the online casino has changed drastically with the help of technology, and ever since then, the change has bought specialty and uniqueness how online casino is working. There are a lot of benefits one get from integrating or playing from an online casino, and we will discuss some of the latest innovations in the following post. Without any further ado, let us hit the post and find out.

Online Progressive Slots

The first and the foremost on the list is Online Progressive Slots. Online casinos were introduced in the year 1994 and ever since then, the IGT, international gaming technology, initiated the launching of the first-ever progressive slot machine which saw a rise across the world. The first and the foremost progressive slots were none other than the Cash Splash. This slot games had three reels and have one pay line. This also initiated Jackpot, and the love for this only increased. The online slot developers started making the best reels and jackpots for the slot lovers. Few of the best progressive games found at present are; Shopping Spree, Jackpot King, and Aztec’s Millions.

Instant Play Casinos

The second innovation is the emerging of Instant Play Casinos. When the online casino was introduced, people had to sit and download the version they desire to play. It may take a few minutes to hours before actually starting to play. However, with the help of integrating technologies, this is no longer an issue. You had to download the software then download the game you wish to play. It was a tedious task. With the help of instant casinos, you only have to sit back and enjoy the instant games that are provided to you. They are not at all time consuming and are very convenient to play.

Live Dealer Casinos

This is something everyone looks forward to when they think of online casinos. This authentic experience is what every gambler was waiting, and the result what they got was immense and pleasure evoking. VR, AR, and MR are some of the categories live dealing games are taking up and giving the best for the customers. The gamblers who have found pleasure playing land-based casinos and need something of the same to sort things out; you might love playing live dealer casinos.

Live Dealer Casinos


This is another innovation the technology has given us. Bitcoin is a form of payment where you pay the amount in the form of cryptocurrency. Since there is no third party involved, the bitcoin is the safest and the most prized possession or asset any gambler would wish for.

The Roulette Wheel Secrets Casinos Don’t Want You To Know.

Roulette Wheel

Casino games are mainly divided into two distinct categories:

  • Games based on luck
  • Games based on skill

Roulette falls under the category of games that are based on luck. This means there is no prior experience required to master the game or even win a certain amount of money.

However, there exists a common misconception that the spins of the roulette wheel are highly unpredictable. If you’re one of them who believe in this misconception, then think again. There is no such thing as purely luck-based in a casino.

Let’s start by understanding the secrets hidden by the casino that tricks the customers into thinking these games are purely based on luck.

Roulette wheel design

It is a highly intimidating task to design a roulette wheel based only on random spins with reasonable accuracy. The only way to achieve this task at it is by not using physics to deal with the roulette wheels. Even when the wheel is in a stationary motion, and the balls do not touch the rotors, there still exits some predictability in is spins.

house edge.

The house edge of this game is only 2.7%, hence the player needs the slightest hint of accuracy to overcome this tiny bit of house edge.

The defects in manufacturing

There is nothing as a perfect roulette wheel. Every wheel is designed in a way that is subjected to some manufacturing defects or errors. Hence, this means that the coins are not entirely random, but are a victim to the shortcomings of sciences. To test this, you have to take two completely different roulette wheels and balls. Spin both at the same time, and you can find that the outcomes are entirely different.

Hence, the claim of casinos about the randomness of the game and every spin is a mere lie.

Lazy staff around the roulette wheel

Most of the casino staff are trained to perform their duty, but not about the depths of the game they’re monitoring. However, in contrast to this, most of the well-equipped modern casinos have an idea about the game they’re presenting to their customers. This also means they’re aware of the predictable spins of the wheels and also the strategies that go behind winning jackpots.


However, this data can be analyzed only after weeks of spins and through analysis and statistics of the roulette wheels. A professional roulette player can easily spot the bias in the wheels, even before the casinos can point them out. These techniques are mainly explained to the customers and the staff that work for the game, on their official casino page. However, the customers or the players also ought to bear in mind that these are just short tricks and are not considered as a sure-shot way of winning the roulette money.

Innovations and Casino Industry- an Overview

Casino Industry

Just like any other industry, technology has also reconstructed the casino industry is a whole new level. Many of the games are changing, payment options are transforming, and gamblers are provided with many game-changing spaces and trials to learn more about gambling. These technology innovations are only increasing and will surely see increased revenue and increased flow of gamblers on to the online casino industry. There are a lot of innovations at present, trying to transform the casino industry. We will see some of the main innovations in the following post. Without creating and further ado, let us see what these innovations are.


The traditional telephonic calls are not transformed into integrating our lives with Smartphone paving the way to create more feasible convenient options for the gamblers. The Smartphone market is growing, and we will surely see integrating much new technology to bring the best for the players. At present, you can include your gaming space in your pocket and travel anywhere and play at any time. Due to its easy usage and a proper internet connection, all things are falling in its place.

Tournament poker


Another innovation is the tournament poker, also known as one of the most talked and controversial subjects on the list. Even though tournament poker was provided to the gambler for many years, the way it transformed and when the internet started integrating the notion, the industry started seeing many poker tournament gamblers on the floor.

Online Gambling

The next advantage or the innovation of integrating internet is one other than being the best online gambling space for the gamblers. With the help of convenient, easy payment options, and many other benefits, people started upgrading and started embracing online casinos over land-based casinos. You can play online gambling at your comfort anywhere at any time.


Home Games Online

The times where you pop up a beer and sit together with friends to play gambling are long gone. However, with the help of Home Games Online, you can bring the same back. The only difference is that you can play games, especially poker via online without regretting the fact that you are actually playing online.

Live Dealer Online Casinos

You may be a person who loves land-based casinos and gambling on them. However, during these challenging times, online casinos have been a great advantage. With the help of online live dealer platform, you will be provided with the same gaming experience, but online.


The above given are only some of the many innovations we are yet to see. One thing is for sure that these technologies will surely revamp the way we are gambling. Some of the other technological innovations like bitcoin and cryptocurrency is another benefit of playing online casino it help you to make the payment without any foreign intervention.

Top 4 Online Casino Innovations you Don’t Know

Top casino

The gambling industry has seen some of the greatest advances in integrating technology. Even though the casino industry is slow-paced when it comes to integrating technology to bring the best, once it is implemented entirely, the transformation is worth investing. From payment to live dealer topics, the casino industry is and will see an enormous amount of transformation. The below-given post is everything about casino and innovation faced by the online casino industry. They have started to shape and will soon be in their matured state to revamp the stage completely paving the way for a more amazing transformation. Without much ado, let us read on.


The first transformation innovation, the casino industry will witness is none other than the Soundtrack. While playing on land-based casinos, the soundtracks might be from the 90s or a jingle kind of music. But, when you play in an online casino, the music you will be hearing is soothing and can sing along with the track along with playing. When you spin the reel and wait for the display, the music that comes along with it will be very overwhelming. You can find many movies theme songs as well as Guns N’ Roses, Jimi Hendrix, and Motörhead playing in the background.


Licensed Games

Another major aspect of the game is how the gamblers are provided with the Licensed Games. Gamblers are waiting for something exciting every day when they play online casinos. The software developers are struggling to give the best for them every day, which is the result of many licenced games depicting various series of famous themes and movies they have integrated Marvel superheroes in the online casino, and they saw a great leap in the group of users. Along with this, the developers have also started to incorporate many other movies themes to attract a lot of gamblers.

Licensed Games


The way technology and gambling have paved the way for storytelling is fab! The online casino developers have integrated 3D video slots to bring the best convenient playground for the casino gamblers. The way the games are played moving along with the storytelling platform is worth playing for. Some of the best storytelling themes incorporated is Twilight novel themes and many other Immortal Romances.


The last and the final one on the list is none other than the integrating of Bitcoin; Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, a digital money gambler use to pay the reels to play. Since the Bitcoin doesn’t permit any third party intervention, this form of digital payment is considered as the best. There are a lot of online casinos which have already implemented this payment technology. One does not have to worry about the security as the security is robust when you use Bitcoin.

How Do Casinos Innovate And Offer New Gambling Experiences?

Casinos Innovation

Casinos are always looking for ways to attract as many people as possible to the gambling industry as possible and this has led to major changes in the market. There has been a lot of innovation in the global gambling market, and it is actually a surprise that the casino industry had not put more effort into this sooner. However, they have been increasingly putting together new innovations to attract the younger generation to gambling. Listed below are a few of them.

The Online Casino Experience

Online casinos have been up and about for over 25 years, and since then it has seen only improvement in the number of players as well as the income. Long gone are the days when online casino gambling was an extremely niche market; today it makes up about 30 percent of the average global gambling revenue. With the increasing use of smartphones for gambling, people have everything conveniently at their fingertips.


VR and AR Technology

No discussion on online gambling is complete without discussing the immense potential in virtual and augmented reality. Virtual reality and augmented reality are two technologies that can be used to create a unique playing experience by going to the casino virtually: you would still be at home, but the VR glasses that you buy can essentially enhance your experience like no other.

Facial Recognition

Why would facial recognition be of such significance? It is because of casino crimes. For the longest time, casino fraud and crime have been the source of inspiration for a lot of movies and pop culture references. However, it is not all heroic when the money the fraudster steals is from you. To make sure that your money is safe, casinos are now employing facial recognition to keep track of who enters the casino and at what time. This makes sure that people do not try to steal from the casino because everyone at the casino has their face registered in the casino’s log.



Predictive Analysis and Data Modelling

This may seem mundane to the player, but to the casino it is worth a million dollars. Analysis of each player’s playing patterns can give an insight into who the person really is, how they think, what their interests are, what they are good at, how good they are at each game etc. This is very helpful for the casino, because it helps to identify what games can beat the player and what kind of odds he would play for.



Bitcoin is one of the most famous cryptocurrencies out there. It is increasingly becoming popular in the gambling segment because it is decentralized and therefore cannot be traced back to the payer. This makes it incredibly safe for the person who is paying, because for fraud to occur, the fraudster needs to know what transaction is taking place. With cryptocurrency, fraudsters are virtually blind.

The 8 Top Poker Innovations Of All Time


Anyone who has played poker will agree that it is a pretty straightforward game. You have to learn how to play, and develop those skills. You may either get a lot of money from it; or lose it all. However, looking back on the game, poker has gone through some major innovations over the years and has come a long way. There are several different games involving poker, and they will keep evolving over time with the creativity of the operators. A few of these innovations are listed below.

Online Poker Training

Online poker games have both advantages and disadvantages. The biggest advantage of online poker games, however, is the availability of poker training websites. These are computer generated poker games where beginners can learn how to play the game and old timers can brush up their skills before going for real life gambling. Not just that, signing up on a poker training website can bring you close to other famous poker players. For example, if you are playing on Paul Phua Poker website, if you are extremely good and are doing quite well on the website, you might get to play with Paul Phua himself; and possibly even get to see his playbooks. Practical experience in the game trumps reading about it anytime.

Rush Poker

Tracking Software

This is one of those things that makes people second guess their decision to play poker online. What it essentially does is helps your opponent monitor your games as a third party viewer and learn how you play, so that they can use your own strategy against you. However, this may be a disadvantage to the player, but an advantage to the opponent; and so it works both ways. This therefore, companies argue, is a necessary feature to create competition and help players improve themselves over time.


Rush Poker

This intriguing new format of the game developed by FullTint changed the poker scene drastically. Poker as a game became much faster than it initially was because of a new feature called ‘Quick Fold’. This feature made the game faster by letting the players move on and play more hands in the game. Rush poker also changed the mechanics of the game to account for the increased speed. A sense of adrenaline rush and an element of surprise are accompanied by this game and this makes the game all the more exciting to play.


This is something that is available in online casinos, but it benefits poker players the most. The concept of rakeback was introduced to account for the amount of time a person plays on the website. A small percentage is paid back to the gambler, and for a person who gambles 12 tables for at least 40 hrs can get a really good rakeback amount.

Why is Online Casino better than Traditional Casinos?


Online casino and various other gaming platforms have transformed the way gaming is done. With the help of technology and its algorithms, the way gaming platform has transformed worth reading and investing time for. The Internet has allowed casinos to become more productive than ever. Virtual reality augmented reality, and mixed reality is three types of reality that have transformed the way gaming is outdone to present. With that said, we will see some of the ways technology and its innovations have changed the way gaming is taking place at present. Without much further ado, let us hit the post, shall we?

Online casinos

Like mentioned before, online casinos are the first and the foremost gaming field that has been projected to the transformation. It is not news that the transformation has also led to the increased flow of customers to the playground. You may be interested in playing land-based casino and may be reluctant to the internet and the gaming experience put forward by the same. However, what you don’t know about the online casino is that you will be provided with a convenient platform to play along with promised several numbers of games to the gamblers. Apart from all those, you can play online casinos from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to think about the running out of the game or restricted time as online games are provided to you for the entire 24 hours and it is never-ending.

Practice gambling skills

Another way how online casino has helped the gamblers is the way how the space offers free trials and sessions to practice and brush up your gambling skills. Before playing for real money, online casino provides a space to trail plays. Here, space allows you to be more robust in the way you play and later pay for real money and grab winnings. This helps you to play for free, and the only thing you need is a proper intent connection to study and play how online casino works and games are played.


Increased revenue growth

The third way how technology has helped the online casino is how the technology has embraced the gamblers and how it will provide enough ways to increase revenue growth. In a world where technology is reshaping every industry, the casino is no different. Online gambling has increased its convenience and how games are played. This has paved the way to increase the way games are played. This has also attracted a lot of people on board. This has resulted in an increase in revenue in the same.


The next advantage is the way how technology and mobile gambling has increased the chances of convenient and comfort in humans that they are comfortable playing from home or from anywhere if they are accessible to a proper internet connection. This is a huge advantage as those people who are not into land-based casinos can rely on these to enjoy the same by playing online,

8 Innovations And Trends In Online Gambling Industry


The age of digitization has reached the remotest villages and most far reaching places in the world right now. Each and every sector including finance, defence, marketing, automation, visual media and countless other industries have been digitising themselves, future proofing their equipment with the latest technologies. This has reached the gambling industry as well. Online gambling has doubled in demand during the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown period, and it has been increasing in popularity ever since. Here are a few innovations in the gambling market that casinos have implemented to attract more people.

Live Dealers

One of the most appealing things about gambling is the social aspect of betting against other people or against the house. It is done by dealers at brick and mortar casinos. To make the experience similar, online casinos are now using live dealers who deal the cards when the next round is up, or the like. The main advantage of this is that people do not have to feel like they are left out, or feel like they are playing alone. 

Mobile Gaming

Smartphones have become quite powerful now. Each year, smartphones are becoming more and more potent of being run as a computer. Therefore, it is only natural that online casinos would move towards the smartphone market because almost everyone has a pretty powerful smartphone with them, and it is almost always in their hands. So, mobile gaming is a very profitable business for them, and a pretty convenient method for the people playing.


Even though land based brick and mortar casinos are against it, offshore casinos often allow paying in Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a decentralized, third party free cryptocurrency that holds high value today. Since it is decentralized, Bitcoin cannot be traced back to the payer. This makes spending in Bitcoin very convenient and safe, and hence more and more people are using Bitcoin to pay at online casinos.

VR Technology

VR Technology

Virtual Reality is still at a very early stage of acceptance and implementation, mostly because it is expensive. However, this does not mean that it is not gaining ground in the gambling industry. VR technology is already being implemented in online casinos to give a virtual tour of the casino while playing games that have been designed to be played in VR. SlotsMillion and NetEnt are among the most famous gambling sites that have created VR.

5G Technology

5G technology is here, and it is fast. It has an average speed of about one gigabit per second. It is much faster than the current 4G technology (about 30 percent faster) and can prove to be quite effective. This is because 5G, coupled with VR, can give quite the smooth experience.

3 Ways Tech is Transforming Casino and Gambling Games

Gambling Games

According to reports generated by many of the analysis and statics of the casino pages and industries, around $525 million is expected in the form of gambling revenue by 2023. The popularity of the online as well as the offline casinos, are a no-brainer, and it is improving dramatically and significantly at a fast pace.

But, have you ever speculated what drives the casinos to this growth?

One of the significant factors could be the presence of technological advancements that have created a new realm for the growth in the industry. It is also a primary aspect that determines the development of the other industries as well. In this article, let’s emphasize on the three technological advancements and inventions that have transformed the gambling industry and the casino industry, simultaneously.

Digitization of games

This is mainly implied to the parlour games. The parlour games have been an epitome of entertainment for the young adults for centuries now, and we see no going back in this sector. The emerging trends in technology have also revolutionized the use of card games and other games of chance.

For instance, Bingo is a popular time-pass game to a majority of the crowd. Since the advent of the online casinos, this game has set a new way of playing it online, without even visiting a bingo parlour.


The influence of Artificial Intelligence

The role of artificial intelligence in the field of gaming has only grown from the last twenty years. With the introduction of next-generation computers and the key ways to handle the massive amounts of data produced by the companies and other online gambling organizations, the shift is drifted towards addressing AI in the gambling world.

Customer service is one of the significant online sectors where the world of AI takes a serious hit. While it has been reducing the number of human resources, it has also been accurate in its tasks and created a new dimension to gaming online.

AI has also been utilized to customize the already existing games, including familiar games like he slots etc. In the upcoming years, the use of this technology, in addition to applications with machine learning, it is only expected to create customized games for the audiences and also enhance their online gambling experience.

The Future is VR

While Artificial Intelligence is responsible for enhancing the gambling experience, Virtual Reality is accountable for creating interactive gameplay, along with a few aspects from the online gambling world. As the name suggests, it is merely responsible for creating gameplay that provides the experience of sitting at a virtual casino, when you’re actually sitting on your couch and playing the games.


Bottom LINE

The three technologies mentioned above are taking over the world, slowly but significantly. They’re also shaping the way customers access and play online games with a dramatic in-built gaming experience. Remember the $525 million we mentioned earlier? With the introduction of such technologies in the gambling realm, it does not seem impossible to reach that mark.

How Smartphones Are Changing The Online Gambling Industry

Smartphones In Casino

A future without the mention of smartphones, especially in a sector as prolific and consumer rich as gambling. Smartphones have invaded almost every market, connecting any device to any other with a simple mobile phone application. So it is no surprise that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of mobile applications for gambling that are easy to use and maneuver. Here are some of the ways smartphones are changing the market.

Mobile Applications

Even before the global pandemic in 2020, the online gambling market was already seeing major changes. Apart from the larger number of players and greater income, the number of players on smartphones had a significant increase; especially in the last 5 years. Mobile applications have also started implementing live dealerships to  nhance the player experience. Now, people can deal live with the house rather than be dealt cards by a computer generated program.

Faster Mobile Phone Connectivity

Smartphones are currently going through a revolution in the internet speed segment. 4G connectivity was already pretty fast, but it gets even faster with 5G connectivity, clocking in at speeds of one gigabit per second. That sort of speed can help not just with live dealing of cards, but also with payment procedures. Faster the payment procedures, lesser will be the time for a hacker to hack into the account of a player. So in hindsight, it helps the players pretty well.


The Era Of Change

Land based brick and mortar casinos have incurred some massive losses because of the global Covid-19 pandemic. This has made casinos double down on their online counterpart quite heavily; and brought about major changes there as well.  One of the biggest changes is the smartphone gambling market. Long gone are the days when smartphones were used just for calls, messages and Whatsapp: what you have right now is a compact personal computer in your phone nowadays. A large percentage of gamblers have moved towards the mobile alternative. In some countries, this percentage has risen well beyond 100 percent. Due to the pandemic, people are being forced to wear face masks, maintain social distancing and abide by the rules of the country. To stay safe and avoid all the restrictions, a lot of people are opting for mobile gambling.

The Era Of Change

The Downside

Smartphone apps are much faster than their website counterparts when it comes to efficiency, speed and payment ease. However there is a downside to using smartphones for gambling. A lot of casino gamling apps are not cross platform applications. Some apps work on Android, while it might not be available for Apple OS. This works vice versa as well. This is why a lot of people are still reluctant to gamble online; for people may change smartphones, but not necessarily their idea of fun.