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Attend the Rural Marketing Congress for breakthrough strategies to rural India

For all the talk about the bottom of the pyramid, few companies have been able to understand mindsets and cater marketing messages for the untapped market.  In the effort to focus on this issue and provide insight into rural markets, the Rural Marketing Congress, organized by The Ideas Exchange, is taking place in Mumbai on December 7-8, 2010.  The focus of this conference is on the commercial opportunities within India’s rural market and understanding how local and global companies can overcome the numerous challenges inherent in dealing with rural areas. The conference will be tackling the rural market from a sales and marketing perspective, uncovering innovative marketing and business strategies that companies can adopt to market their products to the rural sector.

The point is to leave attendees in prime position to embrace the current market changes, overhaul their marketing strategies and exploit future prospects. Additionally, participants will be aware of impending rural influencers and ensure they have the most effective marketing strategies in place to capitalize on available opportunities.

The major objective is to provide guidelines for decision making in rural markets by:

• highlighting critical issues in rural markets;

• developing insights into who the rural customer is and their behaviour traits; and,

• understanding the rural institutions of retailer, haats and melas (rural markets and fairs) and their impact on corporate marketing planning.

For more information and to register for the conference, please refer to this document: Rural Marketing Congress Brochure